Karate King!

Arrow Keys = Directional Movements
Z = Grab
X = Kick
C = Punch

Fight your way through hordes of fast moving ninjas, defeating bosses to clear levels in this 3D martial arts game online. Use special attacks to break the siege! Karate King features a 3D fighting arena, with incredible fast moving graphics.

Some stages have obstructions that make it hard to see when enemies are approaching, but you can smash them down as you move about on the screen. Each stage has an end boss you must defeat to end the round. Some of the samurais and ninjas have throwing stars and other knives, but you can avoid their hits by moving out of their dirct site. Sometimes you will find yourself surrounded by a mass of ninjas, in which you can use your special attack take them all down in one kick.

Karate King martial arts game