Jacko in Hell - Haunted Halloween Strategy Game Online!

Enter the depths of Hell as Jacko the jackolantern who must find his way through an underworld filled with traps, obstacles, and gravely dangerous creatures. Remnants of the dead lay at every corner! As the game progresses Jacko finds help from the living dead, including a skeleton dog, among other mysterious creatures.

This Halloween strategy game starts out from the very beginning with Jack being forced to search for clues in order to unlock blockaded areas. It will take skill and wit to out maneuver the creatures of Hell, while unlocking the secrets to enter each passage way. The games character, "Jacko", appears mainly as a shadowed silhouette. If Jacko falls too far a distance he crumbles to a pile of bones. Be sure to check out more of our great Halloween games!

Jacko the Jackolantern in Hell - Halloween game online

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