Jacko in Hell 2 - Halloween Strategy Game Online!

Jacko the jackolantern is back, and now more terrifying than ever in this incredibly animated Halloween strategy game online! This time Jacko gets the help of new ghostly creatures including the crow of Hell! As usual,players take on an underworld filled with evil creatures and blockaded areas that the player must unlock in order to move forward in the game. You can Use hanging vines to propel Jack over high obstacles. Use the Crow of Hell to capture souls as you progress through the depths of the underworld, which is now more challenging than in the previous version.

Jacko The Jackolantern standing inside a fire pit

The game is filled with razor sharp traps, and fast moving creatures of the darkness. New sound effects encompass the latest version of this game, including the twisted sounds of howling winds, owls, crows. Be sure to check out more of our great Halloween games!

Jacko the Jackolantern in Hell 2 - Halloween game online

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