Haunted Halloween House

Haunted Halloween House is themed after the classic "Ghost Busters" movie. Players are given a time limit in which to track down and destroy all ghosts before advancing to later stages in the game. Just as in Ghost Busters, players find themselves equipped with a particle pack, along with a corresponding neutrino wand that emits a charge used to destroy the manor's mischievous ghosts.

Players have access to ecto goggles similar to those of the original Ghost Busters that is used to scan the surrounding environment for ghosts. When the goggles are first enacted, the background of the screen turns green, and will instantly spot any ghosts in the back ground. Often, you won't be able to see the ghosts until you've scanned and located them on the screen. The ghosts themselves make their presence known by openning and closing doors, and the game itself will often play eerire music when a ghost is approaching.

You can pick up health packs and points as you explore the old manor. Ghosts can do a lot of damage quickly, and you have just seconds to attack them before they swarm you, so finding health packs is a must if you want to stay alive! The ghosts are fast moving, often travelling from room to room quickly once they're spotted. Putting your back to a corner will often keep them in sight. Once you've spotted a ghost, they will attack, but will flounder around in the air throughout alternate rooms first.

Haunted Halloween House home screen with shadowy ghost

Game Controls:
Directional Movements: WASD or Arrow Keys
Aiming: You aim and fire with your mouse
Scan for Ghosts: You can scan the manor for ghosts by pressing C or Q
Run: You can run by pressing V or E

exploring inside the haunted house with proton pack

eerie depictions of the haunted house

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Don't wait for the ghosts to come to you! You have to keep moving since the clock keeps ticking down throughout game play.