Haunt The House - An Animated Halloween Game Online!

Scare the life out of your guests in this animated halloween game! Play as a instigating ghost who's job is to scare all the guests away from your mansion, or scare them to death! Use the directional keys for movements and Space Bar to possess objects. The more guests you get rid of, the more power to possess objects you will achieve, and the more you will be able to interact with objects around you. Score additional points for each guest who dies vs. the guests who simply leave the house.

You will only be able to possess very few objects in the beginning of the game, but as your score increases and more guests are scared away, you will gain more abilities, and eventually be able to possess most all objects that surround you. Many objects can be possessed including, fire places, chairs, pictures, a stuffed grizzly bear, and even a piano! Be sure to check out more Halloween games from our extensive gaming library!

haunt the house flash game graphic