Hard Rock Racing Missiles Away!

There are over 40 different circuit tracks in this game to unlock and play. You can unlock new circuit tracks by earning enough money to buy the new circuit track. In order to earn a little extra cash you can try and blow up as many of the other racers along the way adding bonus cash to your grand total.

You will have to hit all of the checkmarks as you race through the city, if you miss one you can hit R to reset or go back and pass through the checkpoint. The goal is to blow up as many other racers as possible and gain position 1.

There are many strategic places you can place the mines to rack up points quick. Like right in front of the checkpoints everyone must pass through or on the ramp small enough for only 1 car that all the other racers must drive over.

Hard Rock Racing incoming enemy fire!

Also if you have a few extra proximity missiles and you want a few extra dollars added to your grand total feel free to blast them with the shift button taking out your enemies and adding to that stack of cash.

All tracks can be raced on 4 difficulty modes including easy, medium, hard and for those racers who really want a challenge insane mode to really put your driving skills to the test.

And if you feel these options aren't enough of a challenge than get ready for multiplayer which includes online and LAN parties so you can play with your friends and show them who the best racer really is!

Hard Rock Racing - Missile Fire!

This game supports multiple controllers including keyboard, joypads, and joystick as a controller input. So you have multiple options for steering your vehicle within the game.

See you on the race track, Let the chaos begin!

Hard Rock Racing vehicle collision