Haunted Halloween Shooting Gallery

A Halloween themed shooting gallery game! Take upon the scene of an animated haunted house, where Halloween themed characters quickly appear and disappear across the screen. Animated Bats, Ghosts, Pumkins, Grim Reapers, Frankenstein, Black cats, and even Trick 'or Treaters pop out quickly from the shadows in which you must fire upon them before they disappear.

Animated haunted house with frankenstein and black cat

The object of the game is to shoot as many of the Halloween themed characters as possible, while avoiding the Trick 'or Treaters. The game runs on a clock thats constantly counting down, but some creatures like the spider can increase your time. If you hit the Trick 'or Treaters, you lose game time as a penalty.

The Halloween characters can appear anywhere on the screen, including the roof of the haunted house, from within windows, and some draw out from the edges of the screen. In this game, you're always racing against the clock, so you will have to continuously hit the spiders or the game will end. None of the other characters can increase your time to further the game.

The ghosts will often fly across the screen both horizontally and diagonally. They can be the hardest to take down as the game progresses and they start to fly by you much faster. Other characters are still and make no movements other than their initial appearance on the screen.

Haunted house with halloween characters

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