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Halloween games

A spooky collection of Halloween games online! Relive Mario's Ghost House, Play Haunt The House and scare away all the guests, or race toe to toe with the living dead in Zombie Karts. Shoot your way through hordes of fast moving zombies in 'Zombie Big Trouble', the newest of our games for Halloween. Also featuring everyone's favorite, Angry Birds, in their own Halloween themed title.

Creepy Halloween Pong!
Creepy Halloween Pong game preview

Haunt The House
Haunt The House - Halloween game online

Zombie Big Trouble!
Zombie Big Trouble - Halloween themed zombie game online

Zombie Carts!
zombie carts online game

Zombie Pinball
zombie Pinball game

Bow Master Halloween
Bowmaster Halloween cinematic scene with haunted house and giant tombstone

Angry Birds Halloween 2
Angry Birds halloween 2 - game online

Jack Lantern
Jack Lantern halloween game preview

Dead Zed
Dead Zed preview

Zombie Smack Down!
Zombie Smack Down halloween game

Halloween Range
Halloween Range online game

Evilgeddon game play - Max firing upon zombies