Zombie Big Trouble - Zombie Game Online!

It's Halloween night and your lost in the woods. Ferociously terrifying zombies lurk in the midst, and all you have is one weapon, so use it wisely! In Zombie Big Trouble the Zombies are fast moving, so every shot counts. Unlocking new stages brings new weapons and new capabilities through out the game.

The zombies typically come in hordes, with some who run, and others who drag slowly behind. You can use the red barrels to set off an explosion that will exterminate all the surrounding zombies! If you set them off too early, they will do no damage.

The game play is fairly typical of classic Arcade shooters, being quite similar to games like "House of The Dead", and Carnevil; where players followed a cinematic game play sequence where the game controls the camera while players wait to react to something on the screen.

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Zombie Big Trouble - halloween game online