Guns of Anarchy 3D Shooter

In this game you take control of a mini gun and blast your way through your enemies to get to the end of the level. You can shoot out anything glowing near your enemies to take them out by using their surroundings or blast right through them with your trusty mini gun.

You will also be equipped with your trusty cuddly teddy bear but he's no ordinary teddy bear he has a stick of TNT for taking out helicopters, tanks and any other vehicles you may encounter. You can also use your teddyboom to take out multiple enemies and create a large explosion taking out everything in its path.

As you make your way through the level don't forget to shoot out the billboards for a few extra bonus points. You can also gain bonus points for speed, accuracy, and efficiency. So the faster you clear the levels the more points you will be awarded.

As you make your way through each level you will see blue icons with ammo symbols that will give you specialty weapons with limited ammo for a little extra power to help you take out the enemies even faster.

There is a wide variety of extra weapons for each level including the energy gun which launches blue beams of energy, the grenade launcher which can take out multiple enemies and vehicles in your path and many more.

The possibilities for annihilating your enemies are endless, so start the battle now and show those enemies what your made of!

Guns of Anarchy 3D Shooter Game - Helicopter Battle

Guns of Anarchy Game Start Screen