Gunbot Arcade Shooter!

Gunbot on horizon preparing for battle

Run 'n Gun your way thru multiple stages of shooting mayhem in Gunbot! Powerful guns are the hallmark of this amazing arcade themed shooter. The mighty, yet shadowy figure Gunbot has set out to annihilate an alien festation that's taken over his world, including the evil Grankomeau.

The Evil Grankomeau - The games villain

Alien figures armed with powerful weapons attack from all angles. Some enemies fly at you, while others like the monsters with machine guns simply traverse the map, firing upon you from any angle they can.

Gunbot warrior depicted on game openning screen

Until you manage to level up in the game, Gunbot won't be able to take much damage without being defeated quickly. That being said, this game requires skill to beat each level and attain the points needed to purchase more health and better weapons.

The game is filled with traps, such as motes that must be avoided or its game over for our shadowy figure. Watch out for giant man eating fish that jump from the rivers, and flying alien bugs that take multiple shots to destroy.

Directional Movement = WASD or Arrow Keys
Fire = Mouse
To start each stage, stand on top of one of the 6 corresponding portals.