Final Fight - Play The Classic Arcade Game Online

Directional Movements = WASD
Attack and Jump = JKL Start = Orange Button

Developed by Capcom in 1989 Final Fight was a side scrolling beat 'em up, that was exclusive to arcades only at the time. The game features three characters players can choose from, including Mike Hagar (the mayor of of the games fictitious Metro City), Cody (Mike Haggars daughters boyfriend), and Cody's best friend, Guy! The games story ceners around Haggars daughter being kidnapped, in which the three courageous characters plot to defeat the "Mad Gear Gang" that captured her.

Final Fight classic arcade game

Final Fights earliest ports to home gaming consoles proved to be disasterous. The first version to hit the SNES had terrible graphics, slower game play, and the system did not have the powerful processing power the arcade version had in order to properly run it. The SNES version also had major changes vs. the arcade version in terms of character naming conventions, and some speech was changed to reflect a cleaner approach to children. Another revised version of the game, "Final Fight Guy", was also ported to the Super Famicom in 1992, and this was the first time Cody was replaced with Guy as playable character.

The original arcade version of the game was developed for the Capcom System 1 arcade console.