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Exit Through The Dungeon is a Flash based First Person Shooter, featuring zombies, bats, and other mysterious creatures consisting of various forms of blocks! It's a voxel based adventure game online, reminiscent of the retro classic games Doom and Quake, while also sharing traits of the more modern game Minecraft. Adventure deep into a mysterious underworld dungeon, Blasting away blocks to obliterate your zombie enemies. Some rooms constinuously respawn with more zombies, so run for the door as soon as it opens! It's a world of pixelated zombies, running, flying, and crawling toward you from every corner.

Exit Through The Dungeon Game opening screen

exit through the dungeon flash game

Taking out the wicked block like characters in this game won't be easy! Knocking down enemies causes them to shatter into large piles of blocks, that swirl through the air only to eventually return to their original destructive state.