Evilgeddon Spooky Max!

A Halloween themed top-down shooter, Play as Max, firing upon cartoon like Halloween creatures, including werewolves, mummies, zombies, Frankenstein, and a whole host of scary bosses throughout each stage of the game. The game features a comprehensive selection of weapons to take out evil Halloween creatures with, including a shotgun, sniper, flamethrower, rocket launcher, laser gun, sub machine gun, and more!

Despite all the evil creatures you battle it out with in the game, the ghosts are actually your friends, often dropping health packs and new weapons for use. Shooting the ghosts often causes them not to drop any supplies, causing you to miss out on valuable health packs, and much needed ammo to stay alive. The ghosts are easily distinguished among the other characters, but they often travel through hordes of monsters, making it difficult to reach them for supplies when you need them most.

Players start out the game in Spooky Town, battling it out against the evil boogey man. As each stage in the game progresses, more powerful bosses will emerge, and it won't be a simple task to take them out! The end boss in stage 2, Fang Percy, who's a giant werewolf, will take powerful weapons to bring down. With each new stage comes newly defined Halloween creatures to battle against, including witches, which happen to emerge in stage 3, "The Mysterious Palace."

This game is quite a challenge, with players realizing they must level up repeatedly in order to beat each stage. scoring achievements in the game earns players stars that can be used to upgrade their physical abilities, such as their ability to evade swarms of monsters, run faster, and even body armor.

More often than not, the monsters in the game will drop coins when defeated, which can be used to purchase weapon upgrades with. Don't be surprised if you have to level up a number of times to be a single stage, as this game is no walk in the park!

Evilgeddon Spooky Max - Halloween game openning theme

Directional Movement = WASD or Arrow Keys
Fire = Left Mouse Button
Cycle Thru Weapons = 1 thru 5 Pick Up New Weapons = Space