Play Donkey Kong Online!

Play the classic retro game Donkey Kong online! Based on the 1980's arcade title, reborn in flash. Help Mario escape Donkey Kong's wrath of barrels as they slide down each level. Use the ladders to hide before you get mowed down! Among the best arcade games ever. Donkey was developed by Shigeru Miyamoto, a Japanese game designer who much of the gaming industry has previously hailed as the "Father of Modern Gaming." What many may not know is that, Mario actually made his very first appearance in the classic Donkey Kong game, which explains Miyamoto's later involvement with the production of Mario games across all of Nintendo's home gaming consoles.

Play Donkey Kong Online

The Donkey Kong arcade units hit Japan first in 1981, later being mass produced and expanded to several other countries, namely the United States. Be sure to check out more great classic title's like Dokey Kong in our retro gaming section!