Dog Fight 2: The Great War!

Its a 360 degree, World War 2 era, air assault game Online! Take on swarms of war planes, flying in all directions, in what appears to be a seemless dog fight in the sky!

Enemies stream in from the land, air, and water! Blow up fixed targets, such as war blimps, ground mounted gunners, tanks, and military vehicles that fire artillery at you high into the sky line. Space bar = fire, and Ctrl = Bomb, and arrow keys for directional movements.

One trick to this game is to fly above your enemies, releasing bombs to take out both arial and fixed position forces as they emerge. You can crash into blimps, mounted gunners, other war planes as they traverse the sky among a barrage of 360 degree enemy fire. You lose one life with each crash, so watch out for larger objects in the sky such as blimpse, and dont fly to close to the ground.

Dog Fight 2 flash game