Dino Strike - A Retro Themed Fighting Game Online!

A retro style fighting game set on the streets, play as one of two heroic characters who take on thugs and ferocious Dinos in this 16-bit themed game! Dino Strike Game play is reminiscent of the arcade Beat 'em Ups of the 90's. Partially themed after the arcade title "Cadillacs and Dinosaurs", with dinos that attack when provoked.

The game is fairly typical of old arcade beat 'em up's, where players smash barrels to discover new weapons to take out street thugs with. The game has end bosses, most of which are equipped with some sort of gun, and are often surrounded by a team of body guards, making them tough targets to take out.

The dinosaurs can be neutralized after being attacked, in which they will turn against their masters, attacking anyone that crosses their paths.

WSAD = movement
Double tap WSAD buttons to run.
J = Attack & Pickup Weapon or Health
K = Jump
L = Flying Attack
J + K = Special Attack!

Dino Strike flash game