Diablo Valley Rally - Off Road Racing Game!

The objective of the races in Diablo Valley Rally is just to get to the bottom of the canyon but as fast as you can while grabbing all of the coins and trying to grab all 3 Mini Clips. If you get all 3 mini clips you get a major bonus added on to your score.

You will have plenty of turbo pads along the way to help you stay in front of the other racers so try and hit as many as you can. These pads will give you a quick boost of nitro and push you out in front of the other racers for a short amount of time. If you use the pads and use the nitro sparingly you can achieve victory every time.

It won’t be easy though with those large trucks trying to ram you off the road! It’s a perilous journey to the finish line with new and exciting vehicle unlocks every few races.

You will start with the rally car which although not as fast as the others can still help you achieve victory if you grab all the extra nitro and stay in front of the pack. To do this you will need to hit as many turbo pads as you can and grab the extra nitro before someone else does.

4x4 off road quad four wheeler

Next you will unlock the buggy one of the fastest cars in the game but can easily be knocked out by the heavy trucks. If you play it right and use your nitro sparingly this ride can help you achieve victory with every race. The buggy is lighter than the rally car and has a higher top speed but what it makes up for in speed it lacks in strength.

blue and white buggy racer

After unlocking the buggy we come to the quad, not quite as fast as the buggy but what it lacks in speed it makes up for with acceleration. When you hit the nitro on the quad you will fly by everyone in your way and take the lead. This vehicle has the least amount of strength so be weary of those big trucks with enough strength to knock you right off the cliffs.

blue and white off road rally car

The last and final unlock is the almighty truck, a beast on 4 wheels that will knock your competition right out of the way. This vehicle may be the slowest but what it lacks in speed in makes up for in sheer brute force. This truck is strong enough and weighs enough to knock out every other vehicle except the trucks with the slightest little tap.

Diablo Valley Rally start screen with rally car

Take the lead by ramming into your opponents and clear a path to the finish line each and every time!

blue and white racing buggy

Dump Truck Racer