Death Call - A Wild West Shooter Online!

It's survival of the fittest in this wild west style shooting gallery game! Death Call features multiple levels of gun toting, action packed game play. Use special weapons and upgrades to take out your opponents. Beat the game to unlock additional survival modes! Aim carefully, as some enemies have shields, and head shots count more than anything.

Enemies have meters that fill over time, and once the meters are full they will begin to fire upon you, so your actions must be quick in order to stay alive! Some enemies are weak and take less hits, while others fire more devastating blows and will take more hits to bring them down.

Throughout the game you will find special powerups that when fired upon will give you added skills including, automatic reload, screen freeze (all enemies are frozen for a short amount of time), and increased damage. You can upgrade your weapons throughout game play by shooting cash targets in each round, as well as from defeating each enemy. Head shots deliver the most damage, so aim high.

death call - wild west shooting game