Day Traders of The Dead - 3D Zombie Shooter!

Annihilate hoardes of daytraders turned vicious zombies in Daytraders of The Dead! Plow down 3D zombies with an assortment of high powered weapons, including sawed off shotguns and machine guns.

It's 3D graphics galore in this top-down zombie shooter,featuring tons of special power-ups, including jet fighters that bomb zombies from the sky, nuke's that wipe out every zombie that lies in their path, and rapid fire for any weapon you're currently using to smash down those creepy zombies! Oh, and weapons, tons of them! Defeated zombies often drop power-ups, new weapons, and their valuables which you'll collect to increase your score.

The game has 6 stages, and all can be selected by moving your character over a corresponding portal, in which a new round of 3D zombie shooting madness will begin! Each weapon has its own benefits and drawbacks. While the shot gun's fire quite slow, they also have a wider spread and are likely among the best of all weapons available since they offer the best level of defense.

Other weapons in the game such as the Quarterising laser gun fires in a thin straight line, destroying anything in its direct path, but doesn't have the spread or defensive capabilities of weapons like the shotgun. The machine guns and uzi's unleash a steady stream of firepower, and they both can take out large swaths of zombies quickly.

Defensive force-field zones will appear throughout various stages of the game, offering your character a place to shield themselves from large zombie gatherings. Players can also pick up shields dropped as power-ups by zombies.

The game's story surrounds the "G.R.E.E.D" Virus, that's spread among daytraders who are now threatening to take over the world. You've been sent in to take out these zombie daytraders once and for all, with any means necessary!

Daytraders of The Dead start screen with creepy looking zombie hands

The game play in Daytraders of The Dead is similar to the classic NES game "Smash TV", where players fire upon thousands of opponents who enter the screen in stages with fixed areas, collecting power-ups and new weapons as the game proceeds. Daytraders of The Dead can display thousands of zombies on the screen at a time while maintaining a whopping 50 FPS during game play!

Directional Movement = WASD or Arrow Keys
Fire = Mouse
To start each stage, stand on top of one of the 6 corresponding portals.