Commando 3!

WASD = Directional Movement
E = Change Weapon
Mouse = Aim Weapon
Left Mouse = Fire Weapon

Commando 3 features new characters, more amazing weapons, and even more thrilling action packed war game play. It's the third installment of the Commando series, similar to Metal Slug and contra in many ways! Lots of new weapons and aggressive combat bring the commando series back to life!

The game features excellent in game controls with a huge selections of weapons to bash the enemy army with, including shoulder mounted rocket launchers, missile launchers, and dual wield ak47's to take out combatants on both sides of you. Players often enter mechs that are used to take out enemy positions, just as in the Metal Slug games.

The game also has features similar to those of the classic Contra games as well, with players jumping to platforms throughout the game, firing at fixed position gunners that are mounted on buildings. Even some of the guns are quite similar to those of Contra, firing out multi-directional blasts that take out large swaths of enemies in a single firing.

Commando 3 - online war game