Club Nitro Racing

It's the most challenging racing game yet from "Turbo Boing!" Narrow turns and super sharp corners make for quite a racing challenge. Unlike its predecessors, Club Nitro starts out on the streets in a maze of winding roads. Many turns aren't visible until you reach them, so it will take some skill to remember the tracks paths on each turn of a full track. Club Nitro follows the same theme as earlier versions of the game, including the ability to upgrade vehicles, find hidden items, and race for record scores.

Club Nitro presents a real change in terms of the racing environment as compared to earlier racing games from Turbo Boing. Both "Turbo Rally Racing" and "Off Roaders" generally consisted of variations of dirt racing and weather ridden tracks, while Club Nitro follows mostly racing tracks involving flat surfaces that feel much tighter and are lot more difficult to maneuver.

Club Nitro racing game

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