Christmas Squirrel Holiday Game Online!

A Christmas Puzzle Adventure game similar to Mario games in terms of its levels and Donkey Kong with multiple characters. In this fun filled Christmas adventure your goal is to find all the Acorns and get both squirrels successfully to the end of each stage. That's right, in this epic Christmas adventure you are on a journey with 2 squirrels to find and collect all the acorns!

end of level win logo with Holiday squirrels

As you journey through new levels you will encounter all kinds of new monsters and traps trying to keep you from making it to the end and collecting all those yummy acorns. You will have to build real strategies in order to find ways around them while helping your partner along the way.

Christmas Squirrels run thru a stage in the game passing by evergreen tree's

The male squirrel can jump higher than the female squirrel and can reach presents and other objects to help the female squirrel move forward. You must control both characters at the same time to get them both to the end of the level with all the acorns.

A = Male squirrel left
S = Male squirrel pick up presents or objects
D = Male squirrel right
W = Male squirrel jump
Right = Female squirrel right
Left = Female squirrel left
Up = Female squirrel jump