Broforce 16-bit Themed Arcade Shooter

Note: the game says to press X to start, but you need to press enter first and Z several times to begin the game.

Broforce is a truly unique action and adventure themed, arcade shooter! Take on the role of a number of brave warriors who're out to save their bro's from the clutches of terrorists. The game is filled with inspiring sprites that explode across the screen at will. Each warrior has its own unique weapons, and saving your bro's unlocks new heroes for battle.

Broforce army warrior fires his gun and raises the American flag

The terrorists themselves are no match for warriors who's weapons have the ability to rip through walls with ease, blow-up anything in their paths. While your fighting character's strengths are in endurance, a single bullet can bring you down in this game.

The game has flag poles throughout each stage, that when passed by will release an American flag, marking your save points throughout the game. At the end of each stage a helicopter appears to rescue you from the battle ground, only to send you to an even more daunting and challenging stage of all out war combat that lays ahead. Hostages in the game are usually locked in cages, waiting to be freed.

Good controls and awesome 16-bit themed graphics make this game an addictive treat you'll want to play over and over again. Much of the game is centered around a jungle setting, flush with palm tree's, and terrorists who're ever willing to battle to the end. It's an arcade shooter worth playing.

Broforce warrior prepares for combat after leaving his military vehicle

Broforce warrior fires upon enemy terrorists, blowing them up!