Boxing Bonanza - 3D Boxing Game Online!

An arcade style boxing game online, featuring stunning graphics and game play! Hook = X, Upper Jab = X + Up Arrow, Arrow buttons for directional movements, Block with Z, Super Punch = Space Bar. Fight against a long list of ferocious boxing opponents!

Boxing Bonanza features a cast of characters reminiscent of the 1980's classic boxing games "Punch-Out", and "Mike Tysons Punch-Out!" It will take skill and strategy to beat these boxers! Often you will find yourself dodging punches too soon or too late, and getting the right timing is crucial to beating this game. Boxing Bonanza is just one many great fighting games we have!

The characters in Boxing Bonanza share similar characteristics to the original Punch-Out characters, both in terms of their mannerisms and play style. For instance, opponents in the game have delayed punches, and your character, "Punch Bob", is themed after Little Mac from Mike Tysons Punch-Out. He even has a special punch that can be released when your power meter is full. Your first opponent in the game, "Jeff Lechef", is simple to beat, but with later characters their forceful punches will be hard to counter unless you've really studied their moves.

Boxing Bonanza boxing game