Bow master Halloween - Archery Game

Bow master Halloween is the latest edition to Silent Bay Studios long standing Bow master archery game series! Players take on graveyards, haunted houses, forests, and other Halloween themed settings filled with wisps (ball of light) that float around the screen. Unlike previous Bow master games, this version has unlockable bonus elements that can be unlocked by hitting glowing urns that appear in various stages of the game.

Bowmaster Halloween opening screen with lit haunted house and bright orange pumpkins

Some of the unlockable elements consist of caskets, tombs, etc. There's also hidden elements in the game, such as pumpkins that when spotted and shot down with your bow and arrow will achieve extra points for the round.

Halloween graveyard with wisps flying through the air

The game is filled with bats that fly around the screen, ghosts that appear from within tombstones, skeletons heads that house wisps, and a whole selection of Halloween themed maps to hone your archery skills with! Each stage of the game features more challenging targets and wisps than the last, where just as with the original game series, players play against the clock, and many stages feature fast moving, and sometimes hard to track down elements, such as the wisps that fly around the screen. The urns used to unlock elements in each stage will often glow green, helping to point them out as a potential target.

animated swamp filled with green glowing skulls as targets

Among the many cool features of this game are the trees that exhibit evil looking eyes, and let out a growl as they open their mouths, in turn enabling new targets for players to aim at. There's also tombstones that move in various directions, often making the wisps that appear behind them a difficult target to take out. Some levels even have giant vines and roots that rise out of the ground, often hiding wisps as they travel about their surroundings.

Despite meeting some challenges in later levels of the game, players will mostly find this game to be less challenging than previous versions of the archery game series.