Bomber at War!

Take to the skies with a fierce war plane bomber, in a bid to attack and destroy a military force over land and sea in this epic war game. Equipped with bombs and gunners, take on aggressive fighter planes and fleets of enemy warships as they move through the ocean waters.

Your war plane bomber can maneuver at a full 360 degrees, offering you the ability to fire upon your enemies from any angle. Flying to close to the water or land will cause you to crash. Flying to close to enemy war planes will cause you to explode mid-air, also ending the match.

Often target locators will appear on the screen, singling out potential ground targets you need to destroy, and this is where your bombs, torpedos, and missiles come in handy.

Use arrow keys for directional movements, ctrl for bombs, and space bar to fire your weapon.

Bomber at War flash game