Black Sun - An Epic Space Battle Game!

Black sun - It's an epic 3D battle in outer space! Raiding pirate ships are out to steal your precious cargo in this outerspace game online. Watch out for flying asteroids and other space debris, they can cause a lot of damage. Be on the lookout for ammo and health restores, you will need them to take on the bosses at the end of each level, which by the way are not easy to take down.

In Black Sun, the game's story takes place in the year 2257, in which you are the commander of the Black Bird Enterprise, a cargo ship travelling to an unknown galaxy, that serves its purpose by mining precious ores from encountered asteroids. It's these precious ores that the raiding pirate enemies are after.

You don't have to reposition your target point to fire upon enemies, just maneuver your ship while shooting and your gunners will automatically target enemy raiders while flying around them.

Fire Weapon 1 = Left Mouse
Fire Weapon 2 = Right Mouse
Directional Movements = WASD

Black Sun - 3D Space battle game online