Baron's Door - Action-Adventure Platformer!

an enlarged image of barons door castle surrounded by orange flames

Enter the the castle of Baron's Door! Take on the role of a sword wielding viking warrior who's set to destroy the evil forces of this treacherous medieval castle. It's an action-adventure game where players battle it out against aggressive and well shielded skeletal warriors.

Viking warrior approaches 2 skeletal warriors prepared for battle!

The castle is filled with challenging obstacles and enemies that will require real skill and wit to overcome. Players move about the castle by a series of doorways, each leading to another unknown and even more treacherous passage than the last. Skeletal warriors lurk within every corner of this creepy castle, toting their iron shields, well armed with a bow and arrow. You start out the game with nothing more than a simple dagger, but as the progresses new weapons can be unlocked for use. Moving through each stage of the game will present players with all new daunting challenges where you're met with barricades. Defeating those barricades often requires the use of your bow and arrow to shoot objects that are often far out of reach.

Fire emitting torches often light your way, revealing another mysterious path and subsequent battle you must endure. Boxes spread throughout the castle often revel life replenishing health, new weapons, and secret power-ups.