After Sunset 2

After Sunset is back with more zombies and a whole host of new weapons. Head shot's count, so aim high to take zombies out quickly. After Sunset 2 is now being upgraded with all new levels, including a hospital, farm, gas station, cemetary, and the most recent Santas workshop. Beat each successive level to achieve points for upgrades, and to unlock advanced game play modes. Look out for air drops, they contain health and powerups that will wipe out hordes of zombies. Defend your land from a zombie infestation!

The sun is starting to go down and your trapped on the roof with zombies coming in from all corners in this zombie apocalypse nightmare how long will you survive?

You are stuck on the roof starting with nothing but a pistol but will quickly see care packages with question marks falling in. What could it be? You'll have to blast open the package to find out. With each package you blast you get a new and exciting specialty weapon to help you stay alive and fend off the evil zombie foes.

These packages contain random weapons such as specialty shot gun with 3 round burst to kill a few extra zombies at the same time. A ray gun that can take out a group of zombies or injure a group of zombies at the same time getting you a few extra multi kills and helping you protect yourself from the never ending swarm of the undead. Then there's the rocket launcher taking out 4 to 5 at a time use it right and you can help keep the area clear and keep your streak going.

Each level requires a specific amount of kills to unlock the next level which will be even more difficult than the last. The enemies will be more advanced and harder to kill testing your zombie apocalypse survival skills to the fullest.

There are 4 different rewards you can unlock depending on your score so the longer you survive and the more zombies you kill the better the bounty, will you become a master zombie killer and unlock all 4 rewards?

Let the zombie apocalypse begin!

After sunset 2 - Zombie Swarm at Gas Station

After sunset 2 - zombie game online