Action and Adventure Games - Part 4

Part 4 of our action and adventure game series online! Play Samurai Ninja, a game inspired by the same developers of the HOBO games series. We will be featuring more games in this section soon, so be sure to check back for more.

Samurai Ninja
Samurai Ninja online game

Super House of Dead Ninjas
Super House of Dead Ninjas game preview

Play Retro Shoot
Retro Shoot - outerspace game preview

Once in The Cave!
Once in The Cave - 8 bit themed adventure game

300: Rise of an Empire Game
300 Rise of an Empire game preview

Guns of Anarchy
Guns of Anarchy - 3D shooter game preview

Zombie Stalker Game
Zombie STalker in game preview with zombies

Tactical Force FPS
Preview of Tactical Force FPS game play

Zombies in The Shadow
Preview of Zombies in The Shadow game

Mechanical Commando 2
Mechanical Commando 2 - jet fighter in game play over desert

Daytraders of The Dead
Daytraders of The Dead game preview with zombies galore!

Toxie Radd Zombies!
Toxie Radd 360 degree zombie shooter game preview

Last of The Dinosaurs!
A preview from The Last of The Dinosaurs game

Dungeon King
A preview of Dungeon King online game

Stinger Mission!
Stinger Mission game play with zombies attacking

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