Increase WordPress Site Speed 60% With 3 Simple Plugins!

By: Sean Swanson
Nov 01, 2014

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We all want a faster website but not all of us have the time to tweak our sites to perfection, that takes time, time that some of us just don't have. That's why I took the time to test multiple plugins and came up with 3 great plugins that will help you do just that. These 3 simple plugins can help you shave 2 seconds or more off your WordPress website load time without having to remove any of your existing plugins or touch any code, and they will give you a competitive speed advantage of up to 60% over your competitors.

These 3 plugins will help you with tasks such as compressing your scripts for faster load time, gzip your site in a way that allows it to load faster both on your front end for users and your back end for you when editing and tweaking your site. And finally the 3rd plugin which will allow you to remove certain unnecessary links and scripts, as well as defer the loading of javascript to speed up the front end and back end of your site.

Better WordPress Minify

The first on our list is Better WordPress Minify, which minifies your javascript and CSS code to allow the system to load the javascript for plugins and CSS layouts faster, giving your site an extra boost in speed as well as speeding up your Wordpress Admin, allowing you to get to your tabs faster and make effective changes to your site on the fly.

This plugin can be used by both advanced users and basic users as the basic set up will be enough to take away at least 1 second from your site load time by automatically enqueuing script files and moving them to the footer and header, leaving less scripts in the body as a result. So far this is one of the best plugins I have found as it's compatible with almost all WordPress themes and is simple to set up.

For basic set up you can activate the plugin then choose what all you want it to minify such as the javascript, CSS, or the entire blog itself by compressing your Wordpress theme as a whole. By doing this you compress not only your plugins and components but also the theme itself allowing faster loading of images, plugins, and content on the pages as all of this will be minified by simply checking a box.

example of Better Wordpress Minify User Interface

Check out Better WordPress Minify

For those more advanced users who know what they're doing, you can move files not already in the header or footer that will be enqueued and moved to those locations.

Gzip Ninja

This is a very simple plugin you can add to your site to Gzip content if your server allows and can handle Gzip compression. Not all sites will be able to handle plugins like this one but most should be able too, as it's not a complex plugin, but a simple install, activate, and you're done. So all of the compression is pre set for you and done in a way that is compatible with WordPress Websites.

This plugin takes away another half a second to full second of loading time depending on what you have running on your servers, and what the server load is like. It's a simple, easy to use plugin that requires no code and speeds up your site the second you activate it on both the front end and in the admin back end of the website as well.

Check Out Gzip Ninja

Speed Booster Pack

Speed booster pack is another great plugin for speeding up your website and gives you a few more things you can remove in order to boost your website load time even further. This plugin allows you to remove the RSD Link, WordPress shortlink, adjacent post links, the windows manifest, WP version, and all RSS feed links which boosts the sites speed even further by helping the site run less lighter, and with less uncompressed scripts.

Among its many features, this plugin also provides users the ability to minify and inline all CSS files, and move them to the footer of your pages, which eliminates render blocking styles that could slow down your site. The plugin also displays peak memory usage and page load times in the plugin's option page; and you even have the option to "lazy load" your images, as we all know graphics tend to be the slowest rendering of all content on a given webpage.

This is the last and final plugin I use to speed up my WordPress sites and although not as powerful as the other 2, it still makes quite a bit of a difference when you enable the right features, and it helps scripts to load on the server, which is a major factor in how fast or slow a page will load. The larger the scripts and the more scripts you have on a page, the slower that given page is going to load. So, using a plugin like this will help you remove scripts from the page and increase load time by another half a second.

Speed Booster Pack plugin user interface

Check Out Speed Booster Pack

The best part about this plugin is you just activate the features you want and let the plugin do all the work. Each option is activated by clicking the checkbox next to it as shown in the diagram, and making sure those check boxes are lit green which means the option is active, so once you save it will enable those option on the website.

How These 3 Plugins Will Help Your Website

With these 3 plugins enabled you should now notice a huge difference in load time on the front end and back end of your website and everything should be running faster, including both download and upload rates. This will give your site a far better on site experience and can help with your website rank as well.

By improving your on site experience, your readers and your clients will be more likely to return as the experience was a pleasant one which left them with a positive impression of you and your business. If your site loads slow people are less likely to return and more so likely to get agitated and never come back. So making your on site experience pleasant is extremely important to you and your business, and improving site speed by removing unnecessary and unneeded Wordpress features, as well as compressing scripts and webpages themselves, will keep visitors coming back for more, and make your job as a web publisher faster and more efficient.

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