XBOX Games With Gold For December 2015

By: Gamers Bay
November 24, 2015

Microsoft's Games With Gold for December brings 5 awesome titles, including Square Enix stealth title Thief, Microsoft Games With God lineup for Dec 2015and The action-role play game The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, from Neocore Games for XBOX One subscribers. Everyone's favorite vampire hunter series Van Helsing will be available throughout the month of December, and Thief will be available from Dec 16th till January 15.

XBOX 360 subscribers will get the XBOX Live Arcade title Castle Storm, Zen Studios classic Tower Defense game from Dec the 1st thru 15th. The hack 'n' slash Sacred 3 from Deep Silver Studios will be available from the 16th thru 31st. Sacred 3 supports 4 player co-op mode, both online and off. And, last but not least the iconic military simulation game Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis from Codemasters will be available from the 16th thru 31st.

With Operation Flashpoint, up to 4 players take on the role of one of games cpu-controlled characters in co-op story mode, playing together through the game's full action packed campaign mode. In the separate player vs. player modes there are 4 maps to choose from. The game was touted to feature 70 realistic weapons, including rocket and grenade launchers, sniping rifles, and even laser sites included in the game.

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