Yahoo Games - Decades Old Iconic Gaming Platform to Close May 13th

By: Gamers Bay Staff
March 12, 2016

The once iconic online gaming destination Yahoo Games, will cease to exist coming May the 13th, A screen shot of the Yahoo Games platform showcasing the Vegas World slots gamewhen Yahoo pulls the plug on the decades old platform for good. First launched in 1998, Yahoo Games was once a popular platform for the ailing tech company, who's now going through massive restructuring to weed out underperforming products across its search platform. Yahoo's gaming wing has suffered for years as a result of an ever evolving internet, the technologies that surround it, and a lack of investment from Yahoo themselves.

For starters, When Yahoo games first launched in 1998, both Flash and Java were the platforms of choice for the development of online games. The demise of Java forced Yahoo to ditch many titles on its platform over the last several years, dropping their library of available games in the process. Flash too is now on the decline, but unlike the death of Java, is far from dead. The preferred method for game development today is with HTML5, in which newly developed games will be able to work across multiple platforms, including mobile devices.

Yahoo's gaming platform also suffered from a library of useless games that no one in their right mind would've wanted to play to begin with. The platform has long had a habit of publishing just about any game developers submitted, no matter how boring and useless they were.

It's not just Yahoo that's guilty of publishing at mass without consideration as to the quality of the games they published, but the classic online game sites as a whole are now flooded with titles developed for no purpose at all other than to make money. To put it plainly, the public has lost trust in online game sites as a whole. After all, the last thing the world needs now is another useless point and click adventure, or annoying dress up game.

Changes in the modern day web and the technologies that traverse it also played a major role in the platform's decline. There was no such thing as mobile gaming back in 98' when Yahoo first launched it platform. Today, mobile gaming is hugely on the rise, but so are other online platforms, such as XBOX Live, PSN, Steam, and others. There's just too many choices when it comes to games, and unless you have titles that are truly worthy of gathering the attention of the web's eager gamers, you won't be able to compete in the modern day gaming arena itself.

The closure of Yahoo Games is also no surprise, given the closure of other platforms, such as Mochimedia, once the world's largest online distributor of games, until it shut its doors back in 2014. Mochimedia too suffered from the same problems that nagged Yahoo's platform, which the huge library of useless games that no one wanted.

We too here at PCTECHAUTHORITY have been in the game publishing and hosting business for the last 4 years, and we too have faced enormous struggles in our attempts to remain relevant in a world gaming market that's now flooded beyond belief.

The good news is, we're making no plans to shut down our gaming platform anytime soon, which is currently promoted by our own gaming news organization, Gamers Bay! We plan to expand throughout the course of 2017 with a library of new titles, and are making strong efforts to invest in the development of HTML5 based games that will work across all devices. You can check out our games here: Play Our games!

All being said, the Yahoo Games platform suffered from a serious lack of oversight on Yahoo's part. The whole reason they're shutting down, yet we're still thriving, is because we don't publish just any game to our site. All of our games are heavily screened to make sure they're the right fit for our audience. Which is something both Yahoo and Mochimedia should have done as well.

Here's the post regarding the closure of Yahoo games: Yahoo progress report Q1 2016.

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