10 Addictive Flash Games worth Playing

By: Daniel Imbellino
April 21, 2014

Flash games have long been a major part of the internet’s continual evolution, with many incredible titles surfacing over the years. Today however, the world of Flash games has since become diluted, with many developers publishing games with no intent other than to cash in on the advertising. Fortunately, under the gaming rubble lays a few solid gems from real developers who truly appreciate their craft. From arcade themed shooters, to retro remakes, and modern day adventures, we present to you 10 addictive Flash games worth playing! If you haven’t played these titles yet, you’re truly missing out.

1. Super House of Dead Ninjas:

This Flash game is a 16 bit house of horrors! The game’s story begins with the Super House of Dead Ninjas Gamecharacter Nintai Ryoko, known as the Crimson Ninja, who seeks to find answers to stories surrounding a mysterious tower. The tower is said to house the horrific demon Abhargus, who along with his evil minions have been terrorizing nearby villages.

The game is an arcade style “hack n slash” adventure, where the player drops from level to level, taking on enemy combatants with a sword, shurikens, and bombs. The game play is very fast paced, and a shadowy silhouette follows the Crimson Ninja as she moves about.

The game is also the sequel to Megadev’s original House of Dead Ninjas, and the new version features better graphics and controls. Unlike the older version, the new one features an updated character design for the Crimson Ninja, who is now outlined in a red costume, vs. the older version of the character, which was a simple set of white blocks with no real characteristics. Play Super House of Dead Ninjas!

Here's the original version of the game: House of Dead Ninjas . And an updated version of the game is now available on Steam as well. Check out more of Megadevs games: Megadev .

2. Graveyard Shift:

Take on cartoon like zombies that hurl green slime at you if you take too long to Graveyard Shift Gameshoot them down. Flying insects seem to appear out of nowhere, making it a challenge for players to focus on them and the zombies at the same time. The game starts out simple with just a few zombies here and there, but soon players become overwhelmed with green slime being thrown at them from every angle. Players start out with a machine gun, but beware it overheats if used for too long without cooling off.

Cool looking zombies and an original soundtrack really draw your attention quickly. It’s a simple Flash game really, but definitely worth playing. The game is published by Nitrome.Play Graveyard Shift

3. Turbo Rally Racing:

This game has a real arcade feel to it, and very responsive controls for playing with a touch Turbo Rally Racing Game Onlinepad or mouse. Turbo Rally Racing actually evolved out of 2 earlier truck racing titles, Offroaders, and its sequel, Offroaders 2. Both games had striking similarities to the 1980’s arcade classic “Super Off Road.” The game features international race tracks with varying weather conditions, including mud, ice, and snow.

Players can upgrade their current vehicles, or use their winnings from races to buy new ones. Play Turbo Rally Racing

4. Hong Kong Ninja:

A retro themed flash fighting game! Play as one of two characters, “Long”, or “Ring”, Hong Kong Ninja Gamewho take to the streets to defeat a gang of thugs. Each character has its own special attack maneuvers, and players can take advantage of other weapons they find throughout game play, such as a sword, gun, pipes, and more. The game is pretty much a street brawl with a 16bit arcade feel to it. While the game seems simple, the graphics and background music really draw you in. You can play the game here:Play Hong Kong Ninja. Many thanks to Miniclip for this awesome game!

5. Dungeon King – Dread Storm Keep:

An online action RPG! Play as a barbarian with nothing more than an axe, Dungeon King - Dread Storm Keep Gamewho must take on fierce enemy combatants, giant spiders, slugs, and other mysterious creatures as you pass through each section of the game. Players can upgrade their character skills such as, armor, focus, damage, and health with “Skill Points” achieved during game play. You can also pick up coins that can be used to purchase new weapons from the shop, which can be accessed by pressing tab. Beware though, each time you die you lose coins, sometimes a lot depending on the enemy that defeated you.

Dungeon King is very challenging, and you will need to pick up as many coins as possible and upgrade your weapons often in order to advance through each new stage. Your small axe won’t be much for larger enemies to handle. At every twist and turn lays another surprise of hideous creatures waiting to attack you. You must defeat hordes of enemies in order to attain missing keys needed to unlock doors and advance to the next area. You can play the game here:Play Dungeon King . Thanks to Bullet Proof Arcade for this one.

6. Zombie Breakout:

Who doesn’t love zombie games? Players start out as a weapons specialist with a pistol Zombie Breakout Gameand Uzi, in which they set out to destroy a zombie apocalypse caused by a bio-hazardous substance. Right from the start, the zombies will lunge at you, and if they manage to get a grip on you they will do a lot of damage very quickly. Some zombies are dead slow, others will run at you, and some only crawl. Progressing through each level brings a larger swarm of zombies to defeat. The only way to stay alive is to collect and conserve enough cash to upgrade to more powerful weapons.

This game is super challenging because your player can only walk so fast, and as you progress through each stage the zombies only get faster. The trick with this game is to keep moving, as standing in the same spot too long will get you swarmed from all angles. Cool looking zombies in this Flash game, but the music will seem a little less appealing to most. You can play the game here:Play Zombie Breakout .

7. Pirate Hunter:

It’s an action & adventure game on the high seas! The game’s theme surrounds Pirate Hunter Gamea pirate hunter who takes to the ocean to rid the waters of dreaded pirates. Players start out at the edge of a pirate ship accompanied by their comrades. Your fellow comrades are not as powerful or skilled as you are, and you must defend them as much as they defend you. The game is overwhelming at times, with pirates fighting each other everywhere, anchors falling from the sky, guns firing in all directions, and explosive barrels that blast anyone and anything out their way.

The game sports a great selection of weapons, including several guns, more powerful swords, and, even a cannon among others. You can use special attacks to take out droves of enemy pirates, definitely worth checking out. You can play the game here: Play Pirate Hunter .

8. Retro Shoot:

This Flash game has all the hallmarks of the retro classic games Galaga and Space Invaders! Retro Shoot GameThe alien characters in Retro Shoot have a striking resemblance to the characters found in the old classics. The game starts out as a forward scrolling outer space shooter, but quickly switches orientation, literally flipping the screen from a forward scrolling shooter to a side scrolling shooter as the game moves through each successive level. Players get up to 3 continues, just like the arcade version of Galaga, and you can pick up orbs for power-ups throughout game play.

The game sports amazing 3D graphics, where the aliens seem to move closer and further away as they flow out onto the screen. As you fire upon enemies they explode into an array of pixilated fireworks that stretch across the screen in all directions. If you loved Galaga, you will definitely like this game! Play Retro Shoot: Play Retro Shoot .

9. Once in The Cave:

An 8 bit themed platformer, this game has a real retro gaming feel to it. You play Once in The Cave Gameas a wizard who takes on angry looking orcs and monsters which start out sluggish in their movements, only to become more aggressive, faster moving, and inflicting more damage as the game progresses. The wizard attacks his enemies by firing ice crystals and fire from his wand. Enemies will often drop health potions along with other power-ups after they’ve been defeated.

It’s the graphics and excellent controls for a flash game that make this game worth playing. As the wizard fires upon his enemies, the fire and ice stream out as an array of colorful pixels that are sure to please the eye. For players who are paying attention, there are short cuts to the end of each stage. Sometimes those shortcuts are in obvious places, other times they’re difficult to find. Play it here: Play Once in The Cave . Many thanks to Maxgames .

10. Rail Rush Worlds:

It’s a mine cart adventure game with heart pounding graphics for a flash game! The game Rail Rush Worlds Gamefeatures nine incredible worlds to play in, including a pharaoh’s tomb filled with realistically terrifying mummies, a Jurassic Jungle that makes you feel as if you’re actually surrounded by dinosaurs, or an Undersea World filled with sea life, including life-like looking sharks.

Rail Rush Worlds is a strategy game with each World having its own theme and obstacles, with new Worlds being added all the time. Some of the other worlds to explore are, Horror Land, The Steam Factory, Snow Land, The Old Mines, and the newest additions, Amazonia World, and Sweet Wonderland. Play it here: Play Rail Rush Worlds .

The object of the game is to collect as many gold nuggets, and other World themed objects as possible, and make it to the end of each World. Earning game achievements unlocks new Worlds! Some Worlds feature their own collectibles, as with Sweet Wonderland, which has where users collect candies for points. The game is also available on iphone and Android. You can definitely expect more new Worlds to appear in the future.

In the end its likely flash games won’t last forever, but many of these incredible titles are likely to be ported to HTML5 sometime in the future. With all the cries of free-to-play MMO games that throw for sale signs at you every time the screen loads, it’s nice to know some games on the web truly are free.

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Many Thanks to Miniclip, Nitrome, Megadev, Maxgames, and Bullet Proof Arcade for these amazing flash games! NOTE: Ad blocking software will break some games, and you may need to disable your ad blocking programs in order to play these games.

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