"Metal Jesus Rocks"
Showcases Complete Original XBOX Collection!

By: Daniel Imbellino
March 11, 2014

Awe, the original XBOX, it was the clunky black box that caught the world of modern day gaming by surprise, A collection of original XBOX game cases and it was Microsoft's first attempt at entering the ever competitive world of console gaming itself. It's currently also the subject of Youtube star gaming vlogger "MetalJesusRocks", who recently had the opportunity to connect with Kelsey, of the Seattle based gaming retailer Pink Gorilla Games, to discuss a complete original XBOX collection they recently received.

Kelsey states the complete collection boasts 884 titles, admitting she was totally caught by surprise, as this was the first time she's ever received a full collection such as this. Original XBOX game Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis start screenAmong the treasures shown in the video, Kelsey talks about a brand new, factory sealed copy of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis; the rare and heavily sought after theme park sim game, where gamers work to build the park themselves, complete with tourists, dinosaurs, and the whole nine-yards.

Some other gems from the collection include the popular title Futurama, based on the original animated sitcom, and the game even included an entire previously unreleased episode of the original show. Also included in the video, the Halo Triple pack, which included the original Halo, Halo 2, and the multiplayer map pack; as well as Conker: Live and Reloaded, and every survival-horror game fan's favorite, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of The Earth! Not to forget "Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee", which is a title that's still in strong availability, and relatively cheap.

Then there's Steel Battalion, Capcom's ultra rare mech battle game that came packaged with its own custom controllers, and couldn't work without them.

The classic Jurassic Park title found used on ebay usually runs around $100 to $200 for the XBOX version, depending on the condition, and whether or not the game is complete. On the other hand, factory sealed copies such as this are extremely rare, and would easily go for much higher prices. The original XBOX version of this game also fetches substantially more than its PS2 counterpart.

It's likely every XBOX fan's dream to own a complete original collection such as this, especially considering the fact that, unlike other consoles such as the PS2, and most retro machines, the original XBOX is the one console that no one has ever been able to successfully emulate.

If your PS2 broke tomorrow, there's emulators like PCSX2, where gamers can simply take a majority of games for this console, put them in their DVD drive, and simply play the game right off their PC. At present, the supposed XBOX emulators we've heard about won't actually emulate anything from the console successfully. Considering the many exclusives released for the original XBOX, the console is still heavily sought.

Although, while there's still millions of original XBOX consoles floating around today, they're dying hard, and fast! For this reason, you can expect the price of the consoles to rise in coming years, as more and more of them cease to exist, and XBOX gaming fanatics seek to find replacement consoles for their beloved collections. If you can get your hands on a few of these consoles and hold them for a while, you could make a handsome profit! The original console can be found Craigslist for as little as $20, or ebay for about $35, at present. A few years from now it's likely a single, good working console could go for a couple hundred.

While many of the titles released under the original XBOX platform were published across multiple consoles, including the PS2, the XBOX versions were faster loading, and the XBOX didn't have a need for external memory cards. Slow load times and a constant need to swap memory cards plagued the PS2 from day one. It's graphics capabilities also weren't up to par with those of the original XBOX. Along with the fact original XBOX titles weren't mass produced to the same extent as the Playstation 2, it's no wonder the majority of original XBOX games can often cost twice as much as the same versions published to the PS2.

The original XBOX also defined the world of online multiplayer gaming, as Microsoft heavily pushed their XBOX Live platform to home gamers, in ways no one else previously had.

If you're simply looking to relive the original XBOX experience, you can do it cheaply by purchasing game lots of disk-only games from e-commerce platforms like ebay, where buying by the lot can get you just about any title for a buck or so. I often purchase game lots of older games myself, sometimes a 100 or more at a time for dirt cheap, then resurface the games, keeping the ones I want and reselling the rest back out on the web. Often, I'll receive a new lot and find tons of rare titles that can be resurfaced, cleaned up, and resold for a quick profit.

While if you're a collector, you likely want the game complete with the case and manual, others may just want to relive the XBOX experience, in which resurfacing is truly an easy way to get the games you really want, and without having to break the bank.

On the other hand, if you're more on the collector side of things, be prepared to pay top dollar for premium original XBOX titles. Some Star Wars titles, such as Battlefront II, can often go for $50 or better complete!

As for emulation, who knows, it's quite possible the day could come where developers are finally able to crack the daunting code behind the original XBOX console.

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