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For decades critics have tried to create a link between video games and violence, often citing independant studies in an attempt to back up their claims; while proponents often argue there is no link between the two entirely. So the question is, do video games make people violent? Read the article for more!

Long gone are the days when the iconic Arcade ruled every pizza parlor in America, when the world sought refuge at their local Arcades, and the sights and sounds of unforgettable gaming experiences were set in America's heart forever. The question is, what happened to the classic Arcade? Read the article for more!

Behold Demon Gaze, a thrilling RPG dungen crawler on Playstation Vita. It's a journey through hostile dungeons filled with booby traps and hidden passages! Review by Brandon Perton of the Old School Game Vault!

Its a hilarious and challenging racing adventure with Trials Fusion on PS4! Race through deserts, wastelands, and nuclear sites, pulling whacky stunts around twisting tracks in this amazing motorcycle racer. Read article for more

Sengoku 3 was the arcade title that caught everyone by surprise with its detailed graphics, animated sequences and story lines, as well as its arcade style Beat 'em up game play! Read this classic game review to find out more about this amazing SNK title that once rocked the arcades of yesteryear!

While the web has become flooded with so many flash games that it's almost impossbile to sift through all the worthless titles, there does still exist a few real gems in the flash gaming arena today. Here we present ten of the most addictive flash games to ever hit the web. Read for more

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