Chloe & The Professor – A New Animated Gaming Discussion Series!

By: Gamers Bay Staff
May 18, 2016

A new animated gaming discussion series, Chloe and The Professor, has launched on Youtube! Chloe and The Professor together eating popcorn on the couch The series which runs as a weekly show centering upon the discussion of real world topics within the gaming industry, takes a philosophical approach to the problems that persist in modern day gaming. Both Chloe and The Professor are the shows main characters, where Chloe often presents a troubling problem for which the professor replies with his age old wisdom. The show encompasses a wide array of topics being covered within the series, including the phenomenon of franchise fatigue, the truth about gamer gate, the problems with early access games, and even focuses on the future of gaming with subjects like quantum computing and virtual reality, among many others.

The new series was created by Gamers Bay moderator Michael Haney, and is an exclusive series of both Gamers Bay and Zorch Central. Each new episode is published to our community on Google Plus usually every Friday. At present, the series has just hit its 19th episode, and while still in its infancy, has covered quite interesting topics, some of which have shown a strong level of controversy within the gaming industry as a whole.

Among the many features of the series are its unique personas it achieves for each of its compelling characters. Besides the series unique personalities, the animated show takes place in a number of unique settings, often centered around each episodes discussions, including classrooms, cafeterias, and even a lounge. Often discussions are taken to the professors "Ship of Understanding", to further discuss an issue in the gaming industry, and better understand why things are the way they are, and what the gaming world can do to make things better.

The series takes the art of gaming discussion to a whole new level, as the series is a first of its kind in terms of its use of animated characters, and purely computer controlled voices. While there's many gaming discussion series available today across web based platforms like Youtube, and others from mainstream media itself, the series is the first to do so in a purely animated environment.

A picture of the Professor that reads Brutally honest commentary about the gaming industry

The production of the series is quite a challenge, as Michael Haney is tasked with writing the script for each successive episode, and tying in each characters speech with those often hard to tackle computer controlled voices. The series incorporates a number of sound effects and background music that help represent a situation within the discussion, and that add for an entertaining twist that brings the show and its compelling characters to life!

The episode we featured above is based on the phenomenon of franchise fatigue in gaming. In this episode the professor takes Chloe to the Ship of Understanding, where he talks about triple-A studios and how their annual franchises are damaging their brands. The professor explains how a lack of innovation in gaming franchises is ruining games like Call of Duty, where often each successive title doesn't offer much in terms of anything new and innovating as compared to the last title. The professor warns that annual franchises often encourage repetition, leaving little room for innovation. Although it looks like Activision is hoping to change this with the upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. This is just one of the many in-depth discussions featured among the new animated series.

A picture of Chloe that reads A unique and thoughtful approach to gaming discussion!

So far, we really like what Haney has done with this series, and it will be interested to see where he takes it in the coming future. Of course, there's always plenty of controversies swirling within the gaming industry these days, and it's amazing how he managed to take real world drama and turn it into an entertaining web based series.

As stated before, each episode launches in the Gamers Bay community typically on Fridays, where it's pinned as a featured post for several days so community members can check out Haney's latest work. You can access the series directly from Michael Haney's and Gamers Bay's channels, as well as our community on Google+! We also typically post each new episode to Gamers Bay's official brand page following each new release.

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