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By: Gamers Bay Staff
July 19, 2014

Besides playing our award winning games, site visitors are encouraged to visit our gaming community, Gamers Bay red brick logo Gamers Bay on Google Plus, for the latest gaming news, reviews, and the chance to connect with thousands of other gamers online! You can also follow our brand page to get up to date gaming news from publishers all over the web, all in one place.

Please be mindful to read our community guidelines before posting. A full list of our updated guidelines are available below. If you run a Youtube gaming channel or just want to share your favorite “Let’s Play” videos, they can be posted in the alternate community we setup for them here: The Gamers Video Archive. Game Play and “Let’s Play” videos are allowed only in limited numbers in Gamers Bay (see below).

If you are a developer and want to feature your game on the site, please email Gamers Bay with a full text document describing your game, along with screen shots if possible. Game developers are welcome to include ads in their games, but those ads must run for 30 seconds or less, and offer users the ability to click the ads off after a period of 15 seconds. If we are interested in your game, we will contact you back.

NOTE: By submitting games to this site you grant us the right to promote those games along with our normal marketing practices, including but not limited to, video placements on Youtube, posts on social media, as well as our paid marketing efforts.

Updated Community Rules and Guidelines For Gamers Bay!

1. Please try to post in English whenever possible. Although posts on Google+ do have a translation feature now.

2. No sexually explicit content! Absolutely no links to downloadable game roms or content unless you can prove you have the right to post such material on behalf of the copyright holder.

3. Please be respectful to other users. There's constructive criticism, then there's downright trash talking, and there's a huge difference! Everyone is welcome to express themselves freely here, but purposely bad mouthing others for any reason will not be tolerated.

4. No Advertisements unless they lead to real content that is useful to users (a gaming article, video, review, etc).

5.Do NOT post the same thing multiple times to multiple places! Please try to post in the correct categories. All posts in all categories go through the main stream here, so your posts will always be seen. If you don’t post in a category, then users won’t be able to find your content later, make use of them!

6. Post only game related content! If it’s not game related then it doesn't belong here. All posts require an accurate description of their content. People want to know what your post is about and where your links lead too!

7. We require anyone who posts to have a profile picture, no exceptions! Also, all those who post but don't interact may be removed from the community (Ex: posting content often and never getting involved in discussions, or posting and not replying to peoples comments on your posts). Do not use Gamers Bay solely as a source to drive traffic to your website, this is not what communities are for.

8. DO NOT post links to webpages with little to no content, or that have excessive ads. Posts like this will be removed!

9. Please make your posts directly to the community rather than resharing it here.

10. “let’s Play”, Game Play, and Live Stream videos are welcome in Gamers Bay. Due to the extensive volume of these posts being made in Gamers Bay, we currently allow them in limited numbers, and it may be best to post these videos to The Gamers Video Archive instead. There’s also a link to that community from Gamers Bay about section.

We reserve the right to remove and or report users who violate Google's terms of service, and or ours! By joining our gaming communities you agree to the guidelines as stated above and release Gamers Bay and PCTECHAUTHORITY of any liability as a result of your actions in our communities.

(You can post links to your games, graphics, articles, etc, so jump in the discussion and have fun!)

Gamers Bay Staff:
Daniel Imbellino and Joseph Solares
Community Managers and Moderators:
Rebel Dew
Brandon Perton
Michael Haney
Doug Harper
For Questions or comments you can contact a moderator listed above, or reach additional Gamers Bay support staff by sending a private message to our brand page located here: Gamers Bay Brand Page. You can also email us at the Gamers Bay email contact listed above.