4 Years of Gamers Bay - Building A Gaming News Empire!

By: Gamers Bay Staff
April 22, 2016

As Gamers Bay reaches fresh into its 4th year on the web, we've watched what was once nothing more Gamers Bay official transparent retro gaming logo than a simple community on Google Plus grow into the full fledged gaming news organization it's become today. During that time span we expanded across a multitude of social networks, and grown in strength to the over 30,000 (with a reach in the millions!) plus members and followers we consist of today. We also did things that no one else in the world of gaming news has ever done before (which we'll touch on shortly), and like other media organizations on the web, we've fought and won many battles to invoke our influence and carve out our own space of authority on an increasingly competitive web. Likewise, we've faced enormous challenges and increasing threats to our very existence, but as you're about to see we've still managed to persevere.

In the beginning, Gamers Bay was merely an idea created out of an interest and true love for video games themselves. Over time, one thing led to another, and soon we became something much more than another media outlet who just published and shared the latest gaming news. Just as video games themselves often invoke a real experience and lasting memories on their users, we wanted to do the same. For us, video games weren't something we simply played or talked about, but rather they were part of who we actually were.

Unlike the average gaming publisher, the very forming of our organization grew out of the inspiration of returning to our gaming roots. Even our marketing materials have always been heavily centered upon the realm of classic gaming, and to this day, the discussion of retro games within our Google Plus community appears to remain a hot topic. Over the years, publishers from around the globe have posted thousands of retro gaming reviews for our audience to engage with. In fact, if there's an obscure retro title you can think of, you could search for it in our community archives and likely find a full review, often by multiple publishers.

Back in the earlier days of gaming history, gaming itself wasn't something that was simply confined to the living rooms of middle class families, but rather it was a major form of family entertainment with attractions such as the once iconic "Chuck E. Cheese" with its larger than life animatronics that captured the hearts and minds of Americans on every level imaginable. It was a trip to the local classic arcades during the 80's and 90's that boasted often hundreds of tall, imposing machines with mesmerizing lights, screens that exploded with eye appealing sprites, and mechanical rides that attempted to make you feel as if you were actually part of the game itself.

The point is, gaming itself was once a real lasting experience that you carried with you for the rest of your life, and it was something that modern day home console gaming experiences have failed to revive. When it came to Gamers Bay, we wanted to invoke the incredible gaming experiences of yesteryear, but in a modern digital world! The question was, how do we achieve such a feat with nothing physical to invoke such an experience? How do we capture the hearts and minds of our audience and make a lasting impression that those who engage with us can carry with them forever?

Integration, imagination, and the ability to see what others in the industry missed altogether is what brought our gaming organization to life. With Gamers Bay, we bridged the gap between gaming news, discussion, and online games by integrating these aspects together as an all-in-one experience. Rather than just playing a game, we make you feel it! custom graphics, glowing links, and gifs that explode with sprites, make up but a fraction of the many hallmarks of the online gaming experience we offer the world today. Combining our online games with a full-fledged community, and social brand pages spread across the web that endlessly serve the latest gaming news and reviews from long-time experienced authors who truly love their craft, and the end result is the experience we've all longed for.

The other gaming news sites, forums, and online game sites lacked something we had all along, heart and soul for what we do! Go to any modern day gaming news site, and it only takes reading the first few lines of their latest posts to realize the authors doing the writing have no real interest in what they're doing. For them, it's just business, for us it's something much different. The sites all look the same, another boring post, on another boring white background. The online gaming sites are generally the same; another game dumped onto an empty screen, where nothing exists to capture the imagination of those who're actually playing the them. Visit the average gaming forum on the web and the trend of boringness just continues.

No matter how hard they try, those fakes who doing nothing but waste precious space on the web will never be Gamers Bay. Our thought was, if you don't love it, then why do it?

We realize people don't just want to read about the latest games, they want to play them, they want to talk about them, and they want to be part of the action. Unlike the typical gaming news outlet, Gamers Bay isn't a standalone entity, but rather a consortium of gaming publishers who've banded together to share their experiences, and build a web based gaming empire like no other. Over the years, we've had hundreds of gaming publishers turn to our community to put their latest reviews and insights front and center for our ever growing audience. Those publishers are very much an integral part of who we are. They, just like us, share a true passion for the art of gaming.

Threats To Our Future:

Despite our rise to prominence, the last 4 years of Gamers Bay has been met with increasingly daunting challenges, some of which threaten the very existence of the brand we worked so hard to build. At present, we're drowning in debt, partially the result of the web's mass adoption of ad blocking programs, which threaten not just our existence, but those of every media organization that exists on the web today. If you love the internet and want to preserve organizations like ours for future generations to enjoy, we strongly urge you to stop the use of ad blocking programs across the sites you trust. Without advertising, we cannot develop and publish new games, we cannot hire staff, and we cannot offer more to our audiences. Ad blocking programs are truly a disease, and while you may think they're doing you a precious favor, nothing could be further from the truth.

Ad blockers themselves are the result of selfish and greedy entities who've found a way to capitalize from their use; as is the case with organizations like Ad Block Plus, who're getting rich off of destroying everything that exists on the internet at present, including your access to information! They care nothing about you, and their sole purpose is to make money, while they could care less about the mass damage they cause.

Other threats have also emerged, including falling advertising revenue due to an ailing world economy. A newer threat we've never anticipated now stems from deceptive publishers, rights holders, and developers who attempt to alter our published games in hopes of deceiving our users! We've found dirty developers were altering games remotely to lock them from play, then replacing the links in play buttons to redirect users elsewhere on the web. While we do allow links to developer sites within our games, we don't allow for such deceptive practices as misleading our users, or blocking their access to the games we publish.

As a result of the recent and unfortunate practices we've discovered, we've stepped up our efforts to closely monitor all our published games, and we will take action against developers who're involved in these misleading practices by removing their games, and reporting our findings to major search engines and social networks as well.

What We Hope For:

It's possible that in coming years we could move Gamers Bay from a digital only world to a more physical form with brick and mortar locations. As creating a lasting and defining experience has always been our goal, we would like to see this brand move further into one of real world entertainment. While nothing is definite, it's very possible we could bring about the rebirth of the classic arcade, while keeping with our adoption of integration in entertainment by including aspects such as rides, and who knows, maybe our own animatronics.

Gamers Bay members have made their voices loud and clear, they want more games! Despite all the financial roadblocks we've faced, in the coming future we hope to hire new developers to design unique titles that define our brand and work to extend the immersive gaming experience we offer our audience today.

All being said, we're grateful for those who continue to support us, including our volunteers who work so hard to give the world the gaming experience it so desires. If you'd like to contribute and help with our ongoing efforts, feel free to contact us. We presently need content creators to write gaming reviews to publish to this site, and be promoted through our social audiences. May the next 4 years be as great as the last!

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