10 Awesome Zombie Games to Play Online!

By: Gamers Bay
Dec 25, 2015

Zombie Games! They're one of the most sought after game genres across all platforms today, but when it comes to finding great zombie games on the web, the choices are endless, and many titles are quite boring, and often gamers don't know where to find decent zombie titles worth playing. Here we've compiled a list of our 10 favorite zombie games that are actually fun to play, are playable online, and best of all, they're all free, no quarters needed. These awesome zombie games are all flash based and playable right in your browser.

1. Day Traders of the Dead:

An awesome arcade like zombie shooter, with 6 stages of zombie shooting mayhem! Day Traders of The Dead zombie game logoThe G.R.E.E.D virus has been spreading; infecting stock traders that's turned them from once Wall Street pro's into vicious zombies who're out to eat you. The game is a run 'n gun, top-down shooter, where players blast away zombies into smithereens with sawed off shot guns, missiles, and a host of awesome power-ups, including jet fighters that fly overhead , leaving behind a wave of destruction below, and rapid fire abilities that work with every weapon available in the game.

The game was built on the BitMat engine, and can display a staggering 1,000 zombies on the screen at a time, at up to 50 FPS! The 6th stage demonstrates the graphics capabilities of this game; tons of zombies and zero lag. The only drawback to this game is the fact its 6 stages are relatively short, but stages 5 and 6 are quite the challenge. The vivid 3D graphics in this game also make it worth playing.

Day Traders of The Dead also has 2 modes of game play, a story mode with 6 stages, and a survival mode where all weapons are unlocked, and the objective is to hold out as long as you can again invading zombies.

Play Day Traders of the Dead!

2. Zombie Breakout:

An extremely difficult game, filled with zombies that charge at you from all directions, animated zombies charging at game character in Zombie Breakout some almost fly across the screen at times, lashing out at you with each pass. Zombie Break Out is your typical side scrolling shooter, but with the ability to move around the map in all directions, targeting enemies from whatever angle you're facing.

Players take on the roll of a weapons specialist who's been sent in to stop a zombie outbreak caused by bio-hazardous materials.

The game has menus full of upgradeable weapons to choose from, the only downside is managing to save enough cash to purchase those better weapons. The beginning weapons consist of just a weak pistol and an Uzi, neither of which does much damage after the 1st stage of the game. You'll really have to save your points from the beginning in order to make it through later stages of the game, or die trying!

Play Zombie Breakout

3. Shadow of Mummies:

This game starts with the adventures of 2 archeologists, John and Mary, Shadow of Mummies - Mary explores pyramid of zombieswho set off to explore an Egyptian Pyramid when Mary suddenly falls thru a trap door and vanishes from site. John then sets out to find her, traveling deep into the pyramid's hidden dungeons, fighting off bats, zombies, skeleton warriors, and creepy looking mummies.

The skeleton warriors have giant shields that protect them from your barrage of bullets.

Play Shadow of Mummies

4. After Sunset 2:

Annihilate hordes of funny looking zombies with a whole host of weapons from a fixed platform. Large swarm of of approaching zombies in After Sunset 2There are several stages to choose from in the game, including the cemetery, farm land, and newer stages like Area 51. Some of the zombies in the game have giant heads that explode when fired upon, destroying all the other zombies in the vicinity around them.

Weapons fall from the sky in crates marked with a question mark. Firing upon the crates unleashes a new weapon to play with, including a laser gun, freeze gun, and rocket launcher. The power of each weapon can be increased by collecting gems throughout each stage.

Your character never leaves his fixed platform, but users can move with their arrow keys, and aim appropriately with their mouse. Besides the intense weapons of zombie destruction in this game, your character also has a meat clever that can be used by pressing the space bar when zombies get to close.

Play After Sunset 2

5. Graveyard Shift:

A side scrolling shooter with cartoon like zombies who hurl globs of green slime at you! group of green zombies in Graveyard Shift gameYou start out the game with a machine gun and unlimited ammo, taking on more and more aggressive zombies, including flying zombie bugs that spit slime balls at you. There's also walking plants that poison you with purple slime. The ever damaging zombie slime can be deflected by pressing the space bar and blocking the area of the screen where the slime is moving.

While your gun has unlimited ammo, it can overheat if fired for too long.

There's chest's located throughout each stage that when shot unleash a number of useful power-ups including increased health, shield restoration, bombs that blow up everything in their path, and more. Maidens also appear in certain stages of the game, in which you must protect their safe passage or lose health if they're caught by the zombies.

Play Graveyard Shift on Miniclip

6. Evilgeddon Spooky Max:

It's a super challenging top-down shooter created by FIREBEAST Studio. Spooky Max battles against Frankenstein and a zombieIn Evilgeddon Spooky Max players take on the role of a lone gunman who's set out to destroy a world of evil monsters. The game features 9 enemies' players will battle against, including slow moving zombies that do little damage, werewolves that leap at you, mummies, and giant Frankenstein looking zombies that lash out at you aggressively, causing a great deal of damage if you get to close to them.

There are numerous stages to play on in the game, including various towns, and even a cemetery with a scary looking over-sized werewolf you battle at the end of the stage. Along with the evil creatures that are out to get you, ghosts also happen to traverse each stage that will provide you with health packs, weapons, and coins to purchase game upgrades with. Shooting the ghosts destroys them, leaving nothing behind, while walking past them causes them to drop useful items from the back packs they carry with them.

Beating each stage of this game won't be easy! You'll have to level up and buy upgrades a number of times before you'll have the firepower necessary to beat each stage. If you get surrounded by zombies and other creatures, it'll be unlikely you'll get the chance to break free of their grasps before being eaten.

Also, the weapons you're given in the beginning of the game are almost useless, as they have very little firepower and run out of ammo quickly. Leveling up is the only way to get ahead in this one.

Play this game on Miniclip! Play Evilgeddon Spooky Max

7. Zombality:

Travel from room to room, fighting off hungry zombies, while searching for clues to escape their wrath. Zombies attemting to break through door in Zombality gameIn Zombality, players start out the game equipped with a single weapon, a hammer. As the game progresses, you eventually get a shotgun, axe, and others weapons to beat zombies down with! You can drop kick the zombies in this game, a useful maneuver when you're facing off against several at a time. Drop kicks can also be of good use for busting down doors.

As you travel from room to room, more and more zombies will emerge, and it won't be a simple task to take them out. You'll typically have a limited amount of ammo, and it's almost always never enough to take out the swarms of zombies coming at you from both sides as you enter new rooms.

Doors in the game are often locked, and you'll have to travel to alternate rooms to find keys, crowbars, and other needed items to unlock them. There's a number of obstacles too, such as electricity flowing thru damp areas of the floor, which can electrocute you if you walk over them.

Play Zombality

8. Zombies in the Shadow:

It's a top-down shooter with zombies galore! Players start out the game behind the comforts of a fortified barricade, cinematic game sequence with creepy looking mummyin which massive swarms of zombies emerge and begin to tear down its walls. Players have the option of double tapping their arrow keys to jump over the barricades and explore the open maps. While the barricades initially appear as being a big help, they're actually a trap in later stages of the game, where your barricades become quickly overrun with zombies from all sides, leaving you with no way to escape.

The game features mini zombies that spit vile at you, causing increasing damage with each hit taken. The game has good game play mechanics, but we found that the characters were so small they were often hard to see on the screen, the only downside to playing this one. There are infra-red goggles in the game, and they do help with visibility, but you have to find them first. Either way, the game is good, definitely worth checking out!

On the upside, the weapons in the game were easy to find and unlock as the game progresses. New weapons are usually unlocked after defeating the end stage zombie bosses. Ammo too seems plentiful in this game. You can also carry multiple weapons at a single time in the game, easily switching between them at the click of a button.

Play Zombies in the Shadow

9. Zombie Stalker

This is a tough zombie shooter where the zombies rise up from the ground all around you. Zombies rising out of the ground and up from their graves in Zombie StalkerPlayers enter portals to advance to subsequent stages of the game, fighting off fast moving zombies who fire pellets and slash their claws at you.

You really have to keep moving if you plan to stay alive in this game! Often dead zombies will drop new weapons, but getting to them isn't always a simple task. When weapon refills appear, they're often surrounded by zombies.

One moment there's nothing there, and the next you see zombie arms rising up from the dirt and coming straight at you! Some zombies run at you, while others crawl at a fast pace.

Play Zombie Stalker

10. Hobo vs. Zombies:

It's a bash 'n brawl zombie game, featuring the funny flash game character Hobo, Hobo fighting off zombie miners with pick axeswho faces off against hordes of zombies. Beating stages in the game unlocks new moves for Hobo to use against his zombie combatants. The zombies themselves are clearly themed after the popular game series Plant vs. Zombies. Hobo fight up against tons of funny looking zombies, some are dressed as construction workers, others walk around reading a news paper, and others walk around the map with a rubber duck inner tube around their waists.

Play Hobo vs. Zombies

Our top choice among the games we covered would have to be Day Traders of The Dead, as it had the best graphics, and the game play just reels you in. Not to mention it had the most responsive controls of all the games we covered.

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