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Learn about Information Technology! Browse our free IT tutorials, encompassing web design, computer hardware & software, information technology logo Windows operating systems, and the underpinnings of internet technology. Learn about Search Engine Optimization from our easy to follow guides, or find out what’s new with Social Media under our tech related editorials. PCTECHAUTHORITY is geared towards improving innovation in information technology through research, and not just plain old tutorials.

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How Brands Can Get Ahead on Facebook - Beating The Algorithmic Odds

Without a doubt, many Brand pages across Facebook have taken a steep drop in visibility as a result of the networks latest algorithms, but not without cause. As you will soon see, the secret to ranking with Facebook brand pages lies in the data the network already gives you, as well as the authority of the source posting content, among other factors. Read for more

The Biggest Mistakes Bloggers Make

Of the many factors that successful bloggers often share in common, the fact they're often experts in their fields, they understand their audience, and they know how to consistently capture the attention of their readers with every blog post they write, are likely among some of the most important. Unfortunately, those just starting out in the lucrative world of blogging happen to hit many road blocks, including with the factors just mentioned above. Fortunately, becoming a professional blogger doesn’t have to be a dead end, and here we point out some of the biggest mistakes bloggers often make so you can avoid them yourselves altogether.

Google+ and The Birth of The Social Media Broker

The explosion of growth in social media during recent times has opened the doors to a whole new potential market for doing business online, behold the social market place! A next-gen social internet where domains aren't the only properties to hit the auction block. Find out how social properties on new and emerging networks like Google+ are quickly gaining monetary value, and may hold the future keys to determining the value of a domain. read the article for more

Social Media and its Influence on Ranking

For years SEO's and marketers have been trying to figure out the role that social media plays in ranking content, people, and domains. It was often thought that social media played no role at all in search algorithms. However, today Google has become more transparent in acknowledging that social signals do in fact play a role in ranking, they just haven't stated exactly how. So the question remains, what social signals matter in terms of ranking, and which don't? As confusing as this may seem, the secret relies in engagement, and the level of quality involved within that engagement. As you will soon see, not all +1's, comments, likes, and shares hold the same weight. Read for more

Get Ranking on The Web in 2014

With Google's never-ending mission to return higher quality content to users in search results, it's likely ranking won't be easy in 2014. Those who manage to tap into the art of building engaging and active social properties, such as Google Plus Communities and Pages, will be more likely to keep their heads above the surface and relevant throughout the year. Other factors such as the technical functionality of a site, and those who stand out as an authority in their field will likely perform well on the web this year. Read the article for more info.

Check Out Some of The Best Flash Games on the Web Today!

We've made it our destiny to bring the most compelling flash games on the web under one roof! Here we showcase some of the greatest among our online gaming library. Don't just read about the best flash games, play them on our site! We've included links to all the game titles we've mentioned.

Does Technology Make People Lazy and Stupid?

While Modern technology can definitely make our lives a lot easier than they otherwise would have been, it can also make our lives a misery as well. Here we present some of the negative consequences that modern technology can have upon our lives.

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