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Without a doubt, Google Plus is a network that's seen many ups and downs over the last few years, where it went from being the world's most engaged social platform, to a media firestorm where it was called a "Ghost Town!" Despite the big media's assumptions, and the sometimes bad decision making we've seen with the platform, many of us still have faith in Google Plus!

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Yep, it's that time of year again, and we're rolling out our collection of free to play Halloween and zombie games! Pinball fans check out our animated Zombie Pinball Game! Haunt The House is another great Halloween game, where players take on the role of an instigating ghost who's job is to scare away all the guests, or to death for a bonus.

Also check out Halloween Bow Master, a eerily fun version of the classic Bow Master series, complete with a plethora of Halloween settings to hone your archery skills. The game features animated haunted houses, swamps, and graveyards, complete with demonic tree's, tombestones, and coffins full of awaiting targets. For those looking for a more arcade like experience, check out Zombie Karts, a Halloween themed racing game similar to the classic Mario Kart series!

Check out our gaming channel on Youtube, Gamers Bay, for previews of our Halloween games collection. Our main games playlist on Youtube also features previews of our wide selection of zombie themed games as well.

Here's 10 top picks for flash and Unity based zombie games online! These incredibly addictive zombie games are sure to keep you playing for hours on end, check it out!

Here we take a closer look at the many pros and cons of the web's most utilized social networks, including their features, and advantages, and ultimately drawbacks. When it comes to providing a good experience for social users, who's the best, and who fails the grade? The networks reviewed are Pinterest, Youtube, Google Plus, Twitter, Quora, Facebook,, and Reddit. Read the article for more!

Is the content publishing platform Medium a viable alternative to Wordpess? Here we take a closer look at the many bonuses and drawbacks of using Medium in place of the traditional content management system.

They were once the holy grail of home entertainment, but today the optical digital disk is quickly nearing its end! The once dominant optical disk is quickly being phased out, thanks to modern technological advancements in solid state media, cloud based computing, and a faster and more efficient web.

Speculations have swarmed the world of SEO in recent times as Google has sought to remove the page rank metric from it's toolbar altogether. While many are claiming this may be the end of page rank as we know, the fact is, the once most valued metric for SEO's is not only alive and well, but those who're able to truly comprehend how it works stand to benefit from it greatly. Read the article for more!

Here we take a look at the endless cycle of social fails often committed by the world's most ignorant social users!

There's long been controversy in the SEO world concerning the use of paid marketing efforts and whether or not they have any affect on rank. After some testing, we've seen positive results ourselves, but higher rankings as a result of paid promotional efforts isn't always direct, and there's a few things you need to understand if you hope to benefit from this approach. Read the article for more!

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Every day an enormous number of individuals pile onto Google's now massive social network, Google Plus! Unfortunately, many of them make tremendous mistakes that actually cost them their visibility on the network from day one! The problem is, these new users don't understand how the network works, and this where problems quickly arise. In this article we show you how to avoid getting in hot water on the network and thrown in Google Jail, and provide guidance to help you keep your visibility while staying in the good graces of both Google and its larger social audience.

We've made it our destiny to bring the most compelling flash games on the web under one roof! Here we showcase some of the greatest among our online gaming library. Don't just read about the best flash games, play them on our site! We've included links to all the game titles we've mentioned.

While Modern technology can definitely make our lives a lot easier than they otherwise would have been, it can also make our lives a misery as well. Here we present some of the negative consequences that modern technology can have upon our lives.

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